Gambling online poker part 2

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Online poker as recreation

Still, the popularity of online poker should never be undermined. It is not advisable to be hooked on it, but it is also not advisable to deprive yourself if you feel like playing it.

As long as you know how to play, and you know of reliable and credible online poker card rooms, then go for it.

Gambling and games of chances are just like that. The probability of winning is just as great or as little as the probability of losing. Playing online poker could make you lose some money if you bet too much, but it can also make you a little richer.

Determine and know the regulations implemented within your state before going on and registering in an online poker card room. You know that merely playing online poker can never be a crime, but you must know the regulations so you will know how to legally defend yourself in case.

Landmark ruling

Before ending the article it is interesting to note a World Trade Organization ruling in November 2004. During the time, the Antigua and Barbuda island nation in the Caribbean complained against the United States legislation against online betting and gambling. The island nation claimed that online betting does not violate global laws.

The World Trade Organization backed Antigua and Barbuda’s claim. The body said the US should only rule within its territories and should not extend to implement anti-online gambling enforcements to other countries.

Legal experts in the US advise that as long as online poker player or players in the country does or do not own stakes in house rakes or online poker operations or businesses, they should not worry about the law.

As long as online players obey and abide by state laws, as long as online poker players online bet and wager against each other in card room, as long as online poker players participate and progress in their online poker skills, as long as online poker players have fun and do not compromise rights of others….you be your own judge and draw your conclusions by yourself.

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